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Kidner Project

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Project Description

Provide an auditable and accountable record of organ allocations to improve trust in medicine.


Improve equity in healthcare access to minority and low-socioeconomic status patients. Rectify the mistrust of the institution of medicine prevalent in minority patient populations.


There are well-documented disparities in allocation of donated kidneys.

Project development stage

Proof of concept achieved. Data can be sent to the blockchain while a smart contract assesses whether matches are possible. An event notification occurs when a match is made. Next stage is a prototype and clinical trials.

Use of blockchain technology

Blockchain integration into the kidney paired donation paradigm endows transparency without compromising confidentiality in a decentralized environment. The transparency of the Kidner-hosted distributed ledger is critical for improving trust in organ allocation, which historically has disadvantaged certain demographics.

About the team

The Project Kidner team is a multinational cohort. Our team works toward our shared mission of equity in kidney paired donation from France, Germany, the United Kingdom and United States. We take pride in our decentralized organizational structure because it enables us to more adeptly leverage the multilingual and multifarious expertises of our volunteers.

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