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Project Description is a crowdfunding platform where users can support fundraising campaigns of their choice by donating their computing power to mine cryptocurrency and matching it through CSR with corporate money. 


Wealth inequality. With Give Bytes anyone can contribute to a fundraising cause no matter how much money they have. 


Traditional crowdfunding requires you to donate part of your income. Not everyone can afford that. 

Project development stage

MVP: The next stage is development of smart contract to match individuals donations with corporate funds on Blockchain. 

Use of blockchain technology

Although we do not depend on any token we use Blockchain elements such as proof of work mining + smart contracts. 

About the team

Jacob Piotrowski - CEO & Founder Marcin Dominas - CTO Mateusz Sobejko - UX/UI Mateusz Wróblewski - Tech lead Bartosz Kaluga - PM

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