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The real electric, shared, autonomous, clean, blockchain based community-driven, zero-emissions, energy and transportation system for smart cities.


Inexpensive ride sharing for commuters, clean, affordable energy. Communities owning their Community Assets, managing energy and transportation on their own benefit. EVshare creates the world’s most efficient “plug and play” transportation system, designed to move people, goods and power, all backed by the RSK Blockchain.


More than 500,000 people make this “mega commute” every day, spending, an average, more than $1,000 dollars per month and wasting between three to four hours every day in gridlock traffic.

Project development stage

PILOT: EVSare community System Pilot Program In Los Angeles Metro & Central Valley / San Francisco Bay Areas.

Use of blockchain technology

The EVShare platform integrates participants – vehicles, charging stations, energy producers, riders and the community – via a secure blockchain – based system comprised of series of Dapps (web3 Distributed Apps) and a public API, which allows EVShare and third party developers to produce apps or full custom enterprise solutions on top of EVShare’s platform

About the team

Miguel Angel R. Bravo- Chairman of Bravo Motor Company and Protector of EVShare Foundation. Eduardo Javier Muñoz- CEO, EVShare Filipe Moura- CTO, EVShare

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