Project Name

Blockchain Tierras (Land Registry Colombia)

Project Description

Addresses the security challenges and the reliability in the adjudication resolutions for the rural land ownership by the state governing body, the Agencia Nacional de Tierras (ANT)


The justification of the project involves recognizing the dimension of the land conflict tragedy in Colombia and seeking technological solutions that will strengthen the responsible institutions in order to face, with transparent, safe and decentralized information data, diverse guarantee and regulation connotations over land ownership.


Lack of transparency, security and trust in the land registry process in Colombia.

Project development stage

BETA: At this time the documents related to land ownership are de-centralized using IPFS. The most important metadatas of the property are stored in Ethereum and the less relevant data go to Mongo for statistics. The identification of the officials of the land agency is done through a username and a password, and additional identification is requested through face recognition with AWS. The resulting Hash of the face recognition is stored in Ethereum and must coincide each time a change is made in the process. This means that the entry of the data has a higher level of trust, because if an official wants to introduce erroneous data, it will be registered with his face. In the event that the face does not match the one stored in Ethereum, the photo of the person who is trying to enter is sent to the directors of the ANT, and the possibility of entering the system is denied. For owners there is also the possibility of accessing the documents that relate them to their property using a user, password and facial recognition. The next phases are the interoperability of the system with other entities of the land process in Colombia, improving the identification layers and, at a later stage, enabling transactions of property person to person.

Use of blockchain technology

The use of blockchain is given by using its features to generate greater security in the safekeeping of documents, and the identification of the officials involved in the process. By storing this information in Blockchain, the level of difficulty to alter it is much higher than with the current system and therefore the confidence in the process is greater. In the future it is expected to use other advantages and characteristics of Blockchain as is the person-to-person transaction of the properties, without intermediaries.

About the team

Main Developers: Ángel Rendón, Julian Rodríguez, Camilo Castro, Guillermo Barco. Land and colombian conflict Specialist: Carlos Sandoval Product Owner: Mauricio Tovar 

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