2019 b4H Global Meetups

Blockchain for Humanity co-organizes global meetups that support the #Coalitions4GOOD movement. The b4H Global Angel network is actively looking at opportunities that will allow exposure to the amazing projects we promote and support.


Save the date!

MAY 13 / New York / Coalitions4GOOD co-hosted event

Place to be confirmed

JUN 03 / Amsterdam / Coalitions4GOOD

More info coming soon.

JUN 22-24 / Leon, Spain / Non-Central Conf Event co-hosted by b4H

Shelpin, DappNode and b4H Coalitions 4 GOOD.


APR 03 / Geneva / Coalitions 4 GOOD: REGISTER

Blockchain for Good Crypto Valley and b4H co-hosting

APR 10 / Buenos Aires / Coalitions 4 GOOD: REGISTER

BitGive, Koinbanx, RSK and b4H co-hosting

APR 10 / Madrid / Coalitions 4 GOOD: REGISTER

DappNode, Comgo, Reforestum, CriptoConserje, GO

APR 12 / Geneva / World Summit for the Information Society 2019: REGISTER

ITU, SlaveFreeTrade and b4H co-hosting

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