2019-2020 b4H Global Meetups and Events

Blockchain for Humanity co-organizes global meetups and events that support the #Coalitions4GOOD movement. The b4H Global Angel network is actively looking at opportunities to expose the amazing projects we promote and support.



#CryptoMountain Rocks - Davos 2020

Jan 2020


Davos, Switzerland


CryptoMountainRocks-Davos 2020

The Blockchain and Crypto Valley community meets during the WEF in Davos.
Location: Hotel Morosani Schweizerhof, Promenade 50, Davos-Platz.

b4H 4Good Advisors: Matti Liukas (Consensus Capital) and Amit Prandhan (Silicon Valley Blockchain Society) introduced b4H to peers followed by a Q&A session.

CFC St Moritz - Next Generation Impact and Assessment

January 2020


St Moritz, Switzerland



The Crypto Finance Conference is an investors-focused conference on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. CFC brings together both private and institutional investors, family offices and funds to meet the leading industry experts in the field of crypto finance and blockchain. The conference offers high quality content for visionaries, analysts and entrepreneurs, helping them improve their investment acumen on crypto finance and blockchain while raising awareness on socially responsible and positive impact investments.

B4H was invited to join the next generation impact discussion, moderated by David Wachsman, where b4H presented the use cases that contribute with social innovation and how important is for Impact investors to support the development of businesses driven by purpose.

Art 4 Humanity Fundraising Event

Ongoing until $100K is reached





In support of Real Unicorns, for this year's awards, in addition to the coaching role b4H carries out to prepare, validate and strengthen the social impact model, the Foundation seeks to provide Seed Grants to eligible Awardees and distribute the funds subject to milestones completion.

The eligible awardees will get an equal portion of the funds raised in this event. We will use the funds to allocate to specific milestones. Funding donors can track the progress of the social projects while gaining full visibility of the funds' distribution and the project's achievement. So your donation will go a long way to get these projects to their next stage of development.

Don't know who this year's nominees are? Check them out here

Art 4 Humanity Fundraising Event launched at LabitConf will offer a precious art piece given to the Foundation back in 2017 (at the peak of the Bitcoin price), and it is signed by distinguished members of the Blockchain Community to help raise the targeted fundraising goals.


Sorry we missed you :-(

b4H Annual Awards #B4H2019AWARDS

12-13 DEC





Every year the b4H Awards are announced at the Latin American Bitcoin Conference

We are delighted to report an update on the impact projects in our scope and announce the awardees for 2019. See conference agenda

Join LabitConf 2019 here

The b4H team looks forward to meeting you at the conference!

b4H and #Coalitions4GOOD in Seoul

15 Oct


Seoul, Republic of Korea


Register Here

“The force that accelerates sustainable social impact"

The blockchain for Humanity foundation (b4H) and a grassroots movement that brings together ecosystem partners, social entrepreneurs, altruistic, sustainable businesses, tech4good fans, and Impact investors; collaborate and unite efforts to identify and support projects that are addressing a social or environmental challenges with the use of technology such as Blockchain and AI. Come and join us for an evening dedicated to raise awareness and discuss real challenges that can be addressed if we put are collective knowledge and resources together.

We are thankful to our host ICON Lounge

Address: ICON Lounge (3F, 100, Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul.


- 18:00 Registration

- 18:30 Introduction of B4H and purpose of workshop

- 19:00 Workshop

- 20:00 Presentation and review

- 20:30 Networking


- High level discussion on the capabilities of technologies that can result in transformational changes in society.

- Review technical challenges

- Interactive discussion of Design Challenges

- Comparison of current models with blockchain powered models.

- What does it mean to join the #Coalitions4GOOD force?

b4H and aeternity universe

19-21 SEP




aeternity Universe One

Its is with great pleasure that b4H joins the aeternity community in their annual conference: aeternity Universe One. With a remarkable line up of speakers, an opportunity to increase the force of the #Coalitions4GOOD movement.

æternity is a public, open-source blockchain protocol that enables a platform for next-generation decentralized applications and high scalability. Its core components are written in the functional programming language Erlang, and its smart contracts are also functional.


First #Coalitions4GOOD MeetUp

26 AUG




Blockchain Summit Uruguay

We are proud to offer, together with Infuy, the first #Coalitions4GOOD MeetUp in Uruguay. This is the first of a series of events planned to bring together key contributors, such as PhiEconomy and Tokkenit.
Our host Infuy will offer its facilities to hold the event at Calle Estero Bellaco 2856, Montevideo.

Blockchain Summit Uruguay





Blockchain Summit Uruguay

Blockchain for Humanity core team member Ivan Kaleja presents the #Coalitions4GOOD movement.

#Coalitions4GOOD Geneva

APR 03




Blockchain for Good Crypto Valley and b4H co-hosting

BitGive - #Coalitions4GOOD

APR 10


Buenos Aires


BitGive, Koinbanx, RSK and b4H co-hosting

#Coalitions4GOOD Madrid

APR 10




DappNode, Comgo, Reforestum, CriptoConserje, GO

Web3Summit - Hackerspace Node: #Coalitions4GOOD

AUG 19-21





We invite you to join us at the #Coalitions4GOOD Node which will be revealing content around Social, Economic and Environmental Impact projects that aim to improve the world and support the achievement of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

  • Want to be part of it? Then, send us your application before July 15th - NOW Closed
  • Want to learn more about the Node? Check out the PROGRAM

If you want to involved in the conversation, join our Telegram group

Our Blog post here

Join the #Coalitions!

ETHDenver Hackathon

FEB 15-17




ETHDenver Hackathon

B4H was a Judge at the impact hackathon.

BlockchainTalks - #Coalitions4GOOD

JUN 03





Non-Central Conf

JUN 22-24


Leon, Spain


Non-Central Conf

Shelpin, DappNode and b4H #Coalitions4GOOD.

NonCentral Conf Speaker Friends

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