Wellcome to Blockchain 4 Humanity 

Last 5th December 2017, during the LABITCONF, some of the event organizers, attendants and sponsors wanted to recognize and award projects aimed to build a better society.

That was the starting point of this venture. 4 projects were awarded as Shackers (Social Hackers) as a way to recognize projects that are already making a positive impact , and another 4 were awarded in the Dreamers category, projects with a team and an idea that are thriving to bring it to reality with a working product.

During the conference the initiative got a lot of support from sponsors and the community in general, so we start realizing that Blockchain 4 Humanity could not stop being an award to recognize this projects, and “see you next year…” but a platform and community that works non stop all year long to make some of these projects come to reality.

And this is the story of how blockchain 4 Humanity was born, an incredible group of people that share our interest in life changing projects came together to set up this non-for-profit social acceleration platform.

We do not only aim to be an interfaz for donors and sponsors that want to donate with the projects that needs funds for development, but we want to be close partners adding value to the projects participating in the program, by mentoring projects at a business, tech and legal point of view, providing relevant contacts and investing and pitching forums, connecting them with the right people in the industry, and definitely being a super supportive arm to bring to life blockchain projects with a huge transforming potential for our society.

For the first time in history there are lots of people with different ideals that has the resources for causing real changes in our society , and we want to leverage this unique moment in history to make sure that change will happen, and that we all together will be able to build a better society helped by blockchain technology and its unprecedented capability to enforce collaboration between humans.

So, Wellcome to our website, in it you can find who we are, why we are doing this, or how we want to do it, and if you wanna get somehow involved please raise your hand!! Our network of mentors, sponsors, friends and donors should be ever growing and we would be delighted on counting on your help, any kind of help, to achieve our vision.

We want to activate a Crypto Social Responsbility movement under the motto “If Crypto changed your world , how do you wanna change the world “ providing donors and sponsors and effective way of contributing to achieve a more balanced and fair society , and making sure that their money goes to projects curated by the Blockchain 4 Humanity team upon the completion of predefined milestones between the team and B4H, to help this projects see the light and start impacting the life of millions of people.

We aim to be an Unicorn builder, a platform to help projects all over the world to become Unicorns in the only sense we understand Unicorns, those projects that positively impact the life of a billion people.

Wellcome to www.b4h.world !!

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